Paolo Parisi: brushes
Christian Ferlaino: alto saxophone
Luca Bernanrd: doublebass
Giovanni Falvo: drums

“The artist plays with the forms just as the scientist or the believer. The musician does it in a more systematic way, because he lives simultaneously in the microcosm of sound and in the wider macrocosm architecture”.

(Iannis Xenakis)

“I think of my paintings as theatrical works: forms that appear are the actors on stage. Arise from the need to find a group of performers capable of moving on stage without embarrassment and to make theatrical gestures without shame. You can not predict or describe in advance what will be the action or who will be the actors. It all start as an adventure unknown in a world never seen before. It is only when the completion of this adventure that we realize, as like a sudden illumination, that what was reflected on the scene is exactly what needs to materialize. All programs, all the concepts that we had initially, were just an escape way that allowed us to abandon the world from which these same concepts were originated”.

(Mark Rothko)

An improvisational performance based on avant-garde jazz trio and brushes. TranePainting started early in 2009 from an idea by Paper Resistance.

First coinciding with the release of the Coltrane graphic novel, it soon took a direction of its own, striving for an autonomous take on improvisational music. An interaction between avant-garde jazz trio and large-format paintings, involving sight, sound, beats and free-following ideas. The project is working on sequencing paintings and improvisational sounds, which focus to seek a kind of “narrative” nature of sounds.

A study of perception.

TranePainting is an open performance.