Christian Ferlaino: soprano, alto and baritone saxophones, fx
Alberto Fiori: Wurlitzer piano, synth, toy piano, electronics
Francesco Guerri: cello, objects, fx
Giovanni Falvo: drums, percussions

The main idea that led to the creation of the quartet and one that has also helped it to grow is a combination of jazz language and improvisation, coupled with electronic music and electroacoustics. The constant and fundamental study of the radical problem concerning artistic communication led us to explore this issue from a neutral background in order to identify how such interaction takes place. It is not only dealt with from an acoustic vision but also from social and relational perspectives, which are expressed through rock and electronic music. These ‘languages’ in terms of mass music communication, either in their most common forms or most extreme, are used as a jemmy to penetrate the explosive and antithetical aspects of an otherwise dense reality