Comanda Barabba

Timothy Trevor Briscoe: alto saxophone
Christian Ferlaino: baritone saxophone
Nicola Guazzaloca: piano
Luca Bernard: doublebass
Gaetano Alfonsi: drums

Comanda Barabba is the fruit of collaboration between 5 musicians who each come from different artistic and geographical backgrounds and who share an interest in the exploration of non-conventional forms of musical expression. The quintet, originally set up as a sperimental jazz quartet in Bologna in 2000, soon began to focus its attention on the creation of its own repertoire through elaboration of original material. With the aim of creating a collective sound which both highlights the individual instrumental voices whilst expressing orchestral unity, the band grew and matured, benefiting from the collaboration offered by the new components and by that of occasional guests. Through years of playing and experience together, the cultural baggage of each single musician has found common ground in the development of a contaminated yet coherent and compact musical language, specific and true to this quintet. The compositions alternate between parts which are arranged in detail, to situations which are developed through thematic and free improvisation, based on predefined or spontaneous elements and concepts. This offers the listener a recognizable form which at the same time guarantees the individual musicians the freedom to interpret the space dedicated to improvisation in a personal way. As a result, the pieces evolve to form a different composition each time they are played, creating an attentive and open environment which is free from clichés and predictability.