Jazz Resistant

Jazz Resistant

Comanda Barabba

Tim Trevor-Briscoe: alto sax, clarinet
Christian Ferlaino: baritone sax, alto sax
Nicola Guazzaloca: piano
Luca Bernard: double bass
Gaetano Alfonsi: drums, percussion

RRJ1014 Rudi Records 2013


1. Cuor di Banana (Guazzaloca) 3.13
2. La Trasfusione (Ferlaino) 8.20
3. Goulash Mood (Trevor-Briscoe) 5.25
4. Fireman Breakfast (Guazzaloca) 4.44
5. Golden Turkey Cake (Guazzaloca) 7.04
6. Sad Cat (Trevor-Briscoe) 5.05
7. Don K e la vita degli altri (Ferlaino) 6.36
8. Annì (Bernard) 7.36
9. Barbaleo (Alfonsi) 5.53

With the release of Jazz Resistant, the band Comanda Barabba’s second album, Rudi Records once again dives deep into the heart of Italian underground jazz. Comanda Barabba has been active for over a decade, drawing inspiration and strength from the collective work of its five musicians: Tim Trevor-Briscoe and Christian Ferlaino (saxophones and clarinets), Nicola Guazzaloca (piano), Luca Bernard (double bass) and Gaetano Alfonsi (drums). The ensemble bears testimony to the rich creative jazz scene of Bologna, where new and vibrant solutions continue to be forged. The jazz of Comanda Barabba is open, incisive and unashamedly omnivorous. The compositions by each member of the band branch out naturally from strong roots in collective improvisation.

A music which proudly resists mainstream clichès and which vibrates freely between the traditional and the avantguarde.

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